July 3rd – PH NightClub – Nikita Live on Stage For 1st Time in Los Angeles – Tekoon Bedeh

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Persian Selfie Dance Party – Saturday June 18th

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Shahab Tiam Live in OC for 1st Time

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OCPC Persian Fit Camp

Persian JIGH Colors Dance Party

4 shanbe Soori Party at Caspian +21 with DJ Julius & Gypsy Boys

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Farsi Poetry Night & Live Music Night

2016 OC Persian Community Free Tax Consultation and Workshop

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2016 OC Persian Community Business Mixer & Social Gathering

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2016 Creativity & Idea Generation Workshop By AEF & OCPC

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2016 LA & OC Persian Community Winter Farsi Poetry Night

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2015 LA & OC Persian Community Yalda Night Celebration

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2015 LA & OC Persian Community Tehran Uptown Party

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2015 LA & OC Persian Community Fall Poetry Night

2015 LA & OC Persian Community Summer Poetry Night

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LA & OC Persian Community Ping Pong Night

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2015 LA & OC Persian Community Father’s Day PicNic

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2015 LA & OC Persian Community 3rd Game Club

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2015 LA Meet-Up PicNic

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